5 Simple Yet Important Things To Take Into Account When Designing Your Garden

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One of the most important conditions our house must meet is to express and relax us. A lot of young couples spend thousand of euros in order to buy their dream house, only to realize after a while that they are surrounded by concrete. Especially when you have the luxurious advantage of living in an island that allows you to spend half of the nights in your garden, it’s not an exaggeration to state that someone should equally value the exterior space with the interior. But how can you create a beautiful garden by keeping the cost in your desired budget?
Most people think that designing the outer space of their house is a simple task.  By avoiding to get some useful information from an expert, though, they may fell into several traps that will affect both the appearance and functionality of their garden as well as overcoming their planned budget. In contrast to the above, an experienced agronomist landscaper will be aware of the following when visiting an under construction garden:

  • The surrounding environment.If you want your garden to look and feel harmonious you should integrated it into the wider natural environment. For example, if you are next to a forest at a highland area, the right thing to do is to incorporate your garden in this environment by adding, off course, your own personal touch.


  • Earth and water. An expert visiting your house will study the characteristics of soil and water in order to be able to make proposals and changes if necessary. For example, in an area where a natural lawn will be planted the soil should be sandy in order to drain but also rich in nutrients. Also, the amount of water in the subsoil determines the type of plants that are going to be used according to their needs.


  • Your special needs. The specialist, after the conversation with the client and after seeing its personal needs, he will proceed to advice regarding the landscaping and the plants. If, for example, a garden has a pool and next to it there’s a resting place, you should avoid using deciduous trees beside the pool, since it will automatically increase the time and cost of maintenance.


  • The orientation of the house. Decisions such as what plants and where will be planted in order to be healthy and flourish need expertise to be taken. The bougainvilleas for example, should be placed in a bright position while gardenias require lower brightness. Also, if you have aromatic plants, your kiosk or your relaxation area should be placed in such a point that when the wind blows you will be enjoying the aromas.


  • The financial cost. An expert knows the price of the plants and all the materials needed for the construction of a garden and can recommend financial solutions both in space and landscaping maintenance. For example, the use of pebbles and gravels instead of lawn may significantly reduce the cost of maintenance whilst an irrigation system (and especially an automatic ) can save a large amount of water which in turn translates into savings. Another important advantage of a comprehensive study is that the customer will not know the final cost of its garden construction in advance.

It is now proven through numerous studies that a beautiful garden increases our standard of living and contributes to the prosperity while making us happy. The key in building a beautiful but also economic garden however, lies in proper preparation and study, which will help us to choose the right plants in the right places, the proper soil mixing and the appropriate irrigation system in order to reflect our needs and budget.


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