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Green Forest - Cyprus' leading landscaping company - 152 scaled

From its humble beginnings of vegetable production in a small greenhouse, Green Forest has evolved into one of the biggest producers and suppliers of native and imported plants on the island. It is able to produce and deliver high quality plants all year round to a wide range of clients, local businesses and authorities, as well as to professional and novice gardeners and farmers.

The continuous growth of the company and the increasing requirements in the area of landscaping, naturally led to the expansion and creation of a modern production nursery and plant storage in Anarita, Paphos. It is one of the largest nurseries in Cyprus, where local and imported varieties of flowers and plants are being cultivated, as well as rare cuttings and seeds from around the world.

• The Nursery features modern and fully automated rooting facilities for cuttings and seeds.
• The netted and fully closed greenhouses take up an area of 40,000 sq. m. They are fully equipped to control climatic conditions and the growth of plants
• The open planting area is over 108,000sq.m. and it is used for intensive cultivation and production.
• The Nursery offers over 1,000,000 plants of the highest quality at the most competitive prices!
• In order to make it easier and increase wholesale sales Green Forest plans to develop in the near future, an online shop for its plants.

With more than 26 years of experience, genuine love, and knowledge of new production techniques for healthy plants, the company is in a position to guarantee its plants and to support each client in every possible way.


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Green Forest - Cyprus' leading landscaping company