From spacious garden centers to unparalleled landscape design, construction and maintenance, Green Forest is, for both private and commercial properties, a one-stop solution for all your gardening needs. Our highly trained sales representatives as well as our landscape designing, construction and maintenance teams are ready to help you in every possible way in order to decorate or create your desired landscaping space.

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Garden centers
In Green Forest Garden centers in Limassol and Paphos you can find everything you need for your garden. Thousand of plants and flowers in different shapes and sizes, clay, modern and plastic pots, garden tools and accessories, pesticides and fertilizers, pebbles, stones, rocks and soil as well as everything related to your irrigation needs like hoses and automation equipment. The majority of the plants we sell in our garden centers is produced in our Nursery in order to assure high quality in amazingly low prices.
For more information on our Garden centers and Nursery you can find visit the appropriate section of this website.

Full landscaping solutions
Green Forest offers full landscaping solutions such as landscape design, construction and maintenance. Our services include complete studies and landscaping plans, garden design in both 2D and 3D, construction, landscaping and horticultural advice, irrigation system installations, redesign and regeneration of existing gardens, construction of all garden design features and full maintenance support.
For more information on Landscaping design, construction, maintenance and consultation click here.

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Green Forest - Cyprus' leading landscaping company